Friday, June 9, 2023

5-Minute Lunch

Cottage Cheese Toast

How did it get to be June? Like into the second week of June already. I know lazy summer days are often secretly busy days. We might not be doing our regular schedule but it can easily be filled with summer things that will keep you just as busy. Vacations. Family visits. Gardening. (not me) Grandparent camp.

So in the spirit of needing the quickest, the easiest meal ever, here is what I had for lunch 3 days in the past week. You don't need a "recipe." Just look at the picture. 

It's cottage cheese on toast, topped with diced cherry tomatoes (salt & pepper them) and fresh basil. Then drizzle it with balsamic glaze. That's it. I did add some Everything But The Bagel seasoning the last 2 times. 

I read last week that cottage cheese is the new avocado. Whatever you call it, it seems that cottage cheese is having it's moment in the spotlight. I've always liked it. (Remember when a hamburger patty with a side of cottage cheese on a pineapple slice was called "a diet plate" in restaurants?) You can use this idea and then try other toppings. Sliced fruit on top drizzled with honey sounds pretty yummy to me.

I did use different whole wheat breads. It was all good but the sturdier kind, like Dave's Killer Bread, was my favorite.

And yes, it's really 5 minutes. Pop the bread in the toaster and while it's getting all brown and crunchy, dice the tomatoes, sliver up the basil and grab the cottage cheese from the fridge. When the toaster dings, you will be ready to pile on the toppings.

Enjoy your summer! Stay safe. And I'll see you back here when I can. Grandchildren start arriving in a few days. It's gonna be busy. 



  1. Wow. This looks like an American version of Italian Caprese (which uses slices of mozzarella). I will have to try. Made your cabbage and ground beef casserole. Really enjoyed it and still eating the leftovers for a perfect light lunch. (My husband is not a cabbage fan, so more for ME!) Chloe

    1. Ha! Thankfully we both like cabbage. The recipe I often make the same week as this casserole is the one with cabbage, sliced smoked sausage and rotel. It uses the other half of the head of cabbage. And we like it a lot, too.

  2. I have always been a lover of cottage cheese. When i was a child i would eat it mixed in with my black eyed peas. Did you know that cottage cheese lasts a lot longer if it is stored upside down?


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