Monday, June 26, 2017

It's A Boy!

Yes. It is a boy—but not the baby kind of boy. Our family is getting a new son-in-law. The wedding planning has commenced. Things are busy here. And busy there where they live. So much to be done in a hurry (choosing venue, date, etc) so that the other plans can start.

I'll be popping in and out here as I can. We still have to eat which means I still have to cook. At least some of the time. There are days to be spent at the lake with family. We're not missing that. So don't give me up if I'm not writing as much as usual. I have no particular schedule for posting or for skipping. The blog will just fit naturally into our real life schedule which looks like it's going to be crazy busy for a while. And I'm committed to making sure there is breathing room in the midst of the activity.

So instead of thinking, "She's not posting much," think instead, "She's making space to breathe. Good for her."


  1. Congratulation! So happy for you!

    My daughter got engaged april 2016 and married 3 months later in a lovely chapel with 100 guests. No need for long engagements in our book! Have fun planning!

    1. I'm passing this along! That sounds good to me.


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