Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early Morning

Pattern:  Through The Woods (a cabled hood)
Yarn:  Cascade Eco+
Needles:  Size 10.5 & 3

Someone at church asked me a few weeks ago, "What do you do all day while the baby is sleeping?  Just watch TV?" Well, not exactly. There are days when I am pretty good household help and do some of the regular chores around the house. And other days when I'm not in mood (i.e. tired) I will do something else.

A favorite thing to do is to knit. I've knitted for years but only very simple things. Having my time arranged differently now has provided me an opportunity to try more difficult projects that I might not have before I became the "grandmother in charge" and spend my days at Baby Sister's house. I used to spend a good part of my day in the car zipping from here to there. Not any more.

In this new world taking a class is more difficult, but it's possible to learn almost anything from YouTube. (Probably some things you shouldn't be learning, too.) So when I get stuck, I'll check to see if I can find a how-to video to show me how to do a new technique. And then there is Ravelry--an online community of knitters and fiber artists with over a million members. Joining is free. When I don't understand something in a pattern I can post a question there and usually someone, somewhere in the world, will answer within minutes. How cool is that?

So this morning while the house is quiet, I will savor the stillness. I will work another dozen rows on this cabled hood for my second born daughter. If a long nap happens this afternoon (sometimes it's an hour or two, other times it's 20 minutes) I might just finish this project. Life as a full-time grandmother is different than life as a weekend grandmother. But I love it.


  1. I love your new blog!! Erica sent me the link for it! :) And I love that you're knitting - I just learned how to knit about a month ago! I'm really getting into it, too. So far, I have knitted a scarf and now I'm working on a hat. But I have all kinds of stuff I want to do. There are 3 other girls in my office that knit - we get together every other week to knit together. 2 of them are just learning for the first time, too. Glad to see you're enjoying being a grandmother!! I sure miss you all! :)
    ~ Charlotte

  2. The hood is looking great and I love that deep color. Lots of cables in that!!

  3. I agree, the hood is looking awesome! Can't wait to try it on.


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