Thursday, February 10, 2011

Job Security

I just heard one of my daughters refer to me as "Grandmother-and-Chief". But it's more like "chief cook and bottle washer"--literally. I am currently grandmother-in-residence as I keep Baby Sister while everyone is working.

I was already a grandmother to Big Sister and loving that.  Big Sister and I have spent lots of hours together doing all sorts of fun grandmother/granddaughter things--like learning to ride a bike, weeding the garden, picking up pecans in the back yard, playing with the button jar, driving little cars all around the carpet and reading bedtime stories.

But six months ago Baby Sister arrived early and tiny. And flu season started just as Mom's maternity leave ended. I offered to be the "baby keeper" when her mom went back to work, as they tried to avoid as many germs as possible.  And so my grandmothering went from occasional baby sitting and weekend visits to a full time gig.  My days are now filled with hours of "Where's Baby Sister?" and "Wheels On The Bus." And diapers and bottles.  And sometimes supper is ready when everyone gets home.

The hours are long, but there's real job security here.  What's the pay?  It's a hug from Big Sister every morning when she leaves for school and baby's big blue eyes that look up at me when I'm changing another diaper.  Usually followed by a huge toothless grin.  I know this won't be a full time job forever but I want to make the most of it while it lasts.

I'll be keeping notes here to help us all remember what happens during these busy days.

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  1. Oh I think we're going to be friends...I love this! After my boys set off for their life adventures (years and years from now), I dream about getting to do some of these things again as a grandma. I am so glad I found you.


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