Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent--Baby Style

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Christmas--a celebration of the birth of Jesus. From the time our girls were babies, we had an advent calendar to count down the days. Ours were the paper kind with little windows to open--one window each day. It was special family time to open that window each day and see what was behind it. Our grown-up girls still get an advent calendar each year.

Mommy found a very special Advent calendar for Baby Sister. One she can play with to her heart's content. I was the baby sitter last night while Mommy and Big Sister had an evening out.

We talked about all of the people and animals attached to the calendar. I answered the endless, "What is that? Who is that?" questions. By next year she will know who the shepherds and angels and wise men and Baby Jesus are.

This year she just loves playing with them all.

Her favorite (at least for last night) was the little black sheep.

Christmas is coming.

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  1. She's so dear! We'll be with our little ones in less than two weeks now :)


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