Monday, December 19, 2011

Memory Making

"They knew that everyone's activities would have to revolve around my naps and my meal times, so they just gave me the schedule of events and put me in charge. Hmmmmm.....wonder what Mommy would like to do first? Thinking Jessica might like a yoga class."

This was Baby Sister's second trip to the Grove Park Inn. Last year she was so very tiny that we barely knew she was there. This year was a different story. Immediately after we checked in, Big Sister and I took the baby and headed to find our rooms while Granddaddy, Mommy and Jessica went to park the cars. 

As soon as we rounded the corner from the front desk, Baby Sister spied the giant Christmas tree in the lobby that must have a million lights on it. She absolutely squealed with glee when she saw it. She pointed up and down as she laughed out loud. Guests in the lobby got tickled as they watched her. Pure baby joy. So sad that the rest of them missed that moment.

Our weekend was filled with assorted activities but everyone was free to do whatever they chose---as long as we met for dinner. Jessica did go to a yoga class. Mommy went to the spa. Daddy took Big Sister to a movie. Granddaddy and I enjoyed some time together, minus all the others. (We love you all, but that was nice.)

We were entertained the first night as we watched Jessica have her caricature done. Good thing it was entertaining to watch because there is no way we would have known the picture was of her!

Also located on the property is a antique car museum and the Grovewood Gallery that sells beautifully handcrafted items. Everything from furniture to jewelry to musical instruments. Priced from about $15 to $1500. Something for everyone. We only looked this time.

And everywhere we walked there were gingerbread houses. And gingerbread vehicles and barns and people. And gingerbread creations of every sort.The National Gingerbread House Competition is held each year here. 

Big Sister asked if we could take our knitting to the Great Hall early in the morning before the rest of the family got up. It was the only time of day that we didn't have to look for an empty table. We had cocoa, coffee and conversation both mornings. How nice to have a little special time for just us two.

Both bands in the Great Hall at night were great. The decorations were elaborate and gorgeous. We had dinner one night in the Great Hall--kind of like a fancy picnic. Seats are are hard to come by but we claimed two sofas and a huge coffee table. Just what we needed. The following night we enjoyed the buffet that is always good. I was hoping no one was counting how many times we went back. 

Another chapter in our book of memories. 

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  1. Wouldn't miss this annual trip for anything!


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