Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Helper

When Granddaddy went this week to do a fix-it job for Mommy, Baby Sister came over and planted herself in his lap for a ringside seat. Could be that she was closely observing how the child-proof locks were installed so that she can undo them even faster than she typically figures it out. Padlocks might be next.


  1. I know he loved having company for this job. Brought back a memory. I was older than baby sister, but still not in school, when my Dad built some kitchen cabinets in our house. I was stationed INside the cabinets to hold the hinges in place. Well that's how I remember it, but now I wonder. Anyway I worked INside while Daddy worked outside. I felt a quite important part of the Team.

    1. Such a good story! Thanks for sharing.


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