Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Only Been A Month?

It seems like longer than one month since my last post. I'm pretty sure I've aged more than a month. Nearly two months ago I stopped what I was doing at home to come out here and spend my time on the real grandmother gig--the one where I spend my time with grandchildren and helping out Mommy when things got tough around here. Then about a month ago, things got more intense.

There were some ups and downs and several unexpected turns along the way. But it was worth it. Let me introduce you to the newest member of the family who is two weeks old today. She arrived early and tiny but she's been home for a few days now and today the doctor said she is doing well.

Meet Baby Girl, the youngest of the three in the family.

She's two weeks old today.

I've learned from watching that this little one is going to be tough. She'll have to be. When you're number three, that means there are two older sisters who want to hug on her and kiss and hold her all the time. Little Sister wasn't sure about this new baby at first. She asked, "Can I pet it?" Well, this new baby is going to get lots of petting and loving. And it's pretty noisy here, too, with a three year old here.

Welcome to this noisy, messy world but a world where you couldn't be loved any more!

My blogs might still be sporadic for a while, but I'll get back in the groove soon. We realized that all of us in this family use the blog as our "recipe keeper" and I have several to add to the collection. I knew when Daddy-O called one day (he's been at home keeping the farm going all this time) and asked how to make something for supper that I could just tell him to look it up on the blog. How fast and easy for us!


  1. Baby Girl looks so much like Little Sister in that first picture ~ she's precious! (Did you knit the pink hat? It looks super soft.) Beautiful pictures ~ blessings to you and all your family! I hope you'll be able to get home soon, crash and rest and sleep sleep sleep <3

  2. I agree. I see a family resemblance as well. : )


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