Friday, December 4, 2015

Finding Christmas

Forgive me if you are tired of reading this story. I have posted it a couple of times before. But it is part of our family Christmas lore. And Jessica is coming home today to celebrate Daddy-O's birthday this weekend. This is such a good reminder of the true Christmas spirit.

Be sure in these busy weeks to watch out for those around you who might need a kind word, or a smile or good deed. Give a little extra to someone who needs it. Not everyone finds this "the most wonderful time of the year" and maybe you can brighten their season. If you are the one who is struggling to find the Christmas spirit, doing those very things can help you as much as the one on the other end of that kindness.

...originally posted in 2011...

I was rummaging through a drawer last week looking for something and I found this little stocking at the bottom of the drawer. It's a reminder of what wonderful children I have.

Many Christmases ago, just as we were leaving for the Christmas Eve service at church, Jessica asked us to wait just a minute. She wasn't quite finished. I knew she was making something but we were busy and I didn't exactly know what she was doing. In a couple of minutes she was ready and had this little stocking in her hand. You can see that the tag says "To Needing." 

When we went up for communion that night, she placed this little stocking on the altar rail. I didn't know what was in it but thought that it was nice that she wanted to leave something. The adults often left a dollar or two there. That money was used for people who came to the church needing help with things like paying the heating bill, or getting their car repaired. The money was always collected after the service and given to the pastor. That little stocking was gathered up along with the dollar bills and that's the last we saw of it.

Weeks later I got a phone call from the pastor telling me that the that little stocking been laying on his office desk since Christmas. The top was stapled together (with lots of staples.) It was stuffed full and it had the tag written in a small child's writing. One day his wife was in the office and picked the stocking up. She asked what it was. He told her that Jessica had left it on the altar Christmas Eve, that it was probably filled with candy and she could throw it away. She weighed it in her hand and said she thought it was awfully heavy for candy. She undid the staples and poured out lots of coins and some rolled up bills. The pastor was astounded. They counted the money and said it held just over $17. 

Jessica had emptied her bank and given it all to the "needing." He was moved by her generosity.  He said he had learned a lesson, too. He had learned not to judge what was on the inside by how the outside looked. When you make up your mind before looking further, it's easy to miss something special. The other bills left on the altar that night were all ones and fives. This little second grader had given more than anyone. She gave all she had. And he had almost thrown the stocking away.

This little stocking is one of my Christmas treasures. 


  1. I don't get tired of reading this beautiful story. Have a great weekend!

    1. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, too!

  2. Love that story!!! I'll look forward to you posting it next year!

    1. Maybe I won't post it every year. But I do love remembering that Christmas.


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