Friday, February 5, 2016

Knitting For The Wee Ones

 Pattern: Pinwheel Baby Blanket by Genia Planck
Yarn: Berroco Comfort in Angel Blue
Needles: size 8, DPNs & 40-in circular

One more blanket done. (Squeezed in between zipping up and down the highway and watching the movie crew in our yard.) Even finished it the day after this baby boy was born. Sometimes it's months later before I finish. This sweet pattern works up quickly (as blankets go.) I was delighted to find that Berroco had added this new shade of blue to their line. Not too light. Not too dark. It's just the perfect blue for a baby boy—now that folks hardly use the true baby pastels anymore. I should get this blanket delivered this week.

The pattern only gives the basics for knitting the circular blanket. Any edging is left up to the knitter. I "borrowed" this seed stitch border with an i-cord bind off from Missy in Tennessee. And according to her notes, she "borrowed" it from Paula in Illinois. That is one of the joys of the Ravelry community. So much information is put there, free for the rest of us to see and use. It surely makes knitting easier to have help. Help that is scattered across the country!

If you are choosing a pattern and need something to be made quickly, compare yardage of the patterns—not skeins of yarn. Not all skeins have the same yardage. This pinwheel blanket uses just under 600 yards of worsted yarn. The Sunny baby blanket that I have made several times takes about 800 yards of worsted yarn. That's 200 more yards of knitting when I make the Sunny blanket. I like both patterns. But the difference in knitting time is something to keep in mind.

 Bottom Left: Cosset by Jenny Raymond 
Top Left: Cabled Baby Hat & Mittens Set by Paulina Chin
Top Right: Baby Hat with Top Knot-Teagan by Julie Taylor
Bottom Right: Kid's Fruit Cap (knitted plain) by Ann Norling

If you need a baby gift in a hurry, make a hat! Most newborn baby hats take around 100 yards. And hats make adorable baby gifts, too. I love it when people send me photos of newborns wearing the hats I've knitted. 

Just be honest about your knitting time when you choose a pattern for a baby gift. Whether it's a blanket that takes weeks or a hat that takes a few hours, there is nothing like knitting something special for a new baby.


  1. Your knitting gifts are very special. Heirlooms to be kept and passed on.

    1. I would like to think they are kept and passed on. I have blankets that our little ones use at our house that were made for their mommy. They are treasures.

  2. Such a lovely post, Dianne. I'm convinced you have flying fingers. Good advice for those considering a homemade, handknit gift. The pix of the little ones in hats is CUTE!

    1. Well, I'm sure I knit faster now than I did. Lots of practice! And I wish I had photos of all the babies in my little hats. That would be quite a collection.

  3. So much of my knitting reminds me of you. From you I have learned so much! I have now reached the amazing pinnacle of having TWO projects on the needles: (as you recommend) a challenge and something simpler. I'm still not a FAST knitter, but if I knit a bit in the early morning, I'm convinced you're doing the same, down the country a ways. :) I love ( and copy ) your baby ideas.

    1. Awww...thank you for the kind words. Yes, we probably are knitting "together" in the early morning.


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