Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Sun Comes Up Every Day

 When I walk toward the coffee pot in the morning, I walk toward the sunrise.

 I cannnot avoid whatever show the sun offers.

 So for years now, I've made sunrise photos nearly every morning.

 I make these photos for me, because I enjoy doing it.
(Yes, the sun is there. Behind the clouds.)

I make these photos for friends who are never up 
early enough to see what this part of morning looks like.

Other early riser friends enjoy my view 
because their morning sun is blocked by trees and buildings.

Ask any kindergarten class "What color is the sky?" 
and they will all shout, "Blue!" My grandchildren know better.

I love the pre-sunrise cloudy mornings, too.
Some mornings I'm a very early riser.

How can I not think "Today is a gift" when I see this sky before breakfast?

 Some mornings the sun and I ease into the day.

Some mornings begin boldly.

  There are people who collect coins or stamps. I collect mornings.

Honesty requires that I collect the plain skies, too.

Peaceful skies. Busy skies. I love them all.

Today's sky says, "Get moving. You're running late today."

These photos were all made in the last several weeks. And all photographed with my iPhone 6+.


  1. I love this post and totally get it! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Judy. There are those who think I'm a bit wacky for getting up this early. I don't try. I just wake up early. Always have.

      Have a good weekend!


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