Sunday, October 23, 2016

Babysitting Days

Pattern:  Easy Folded Poncho, by Churchmouse Yarn & Teas
Yarn: Rowan Tweed, in Pendle colorway
Needles: size 6

Because I live three hours away from the grandchildren, I sometimes have an "extended stay" (often when J-Daddy is out of town) babysitting gig. I'll tell Mommy to schedule as many appointments as she can in a week. I will stay a whole week and help with the school drop-off and pick-up. And let Mommy get a haircut, see the dentist, or whatever she needs to do, without a toddler in her lap. All of those things that are truly difficult to do with little people in tow. I remember. So that is where I am now...spending time with the granddaughters for several days.

This trip included a weekend, because I was needed last Thursday and for appointments this week. That meant that we could do some fun things with the little girls on Saturday. Mommy said that it looked like every fall/Halloween event was happening on the same day. Of all the many choices, she decided that we would go to Boo In The Zoo. That was a perfect way to spend a day. In addition to seeing the real giant pandas and giraffes and zebras and gorillas, the little girls got to talk to the costumed animals as well. Or, as Baby Girl says, "The am-eee-alls." 

To be honest, I think their favorite part was getting treats at the many candy stations scattered throughout the zoo. Baby Girl said her favorite animal at the zoo was the cow. "It ate out of my hand." Understand that there are no cows in the zoo. But if you didn't know that, she was totally believable. Word of warning—when you are talking to a two-year-old, even though the words might be clear, they are not necessarily accurate. Two-year-olds have powerful imaginations.

Our last stop on our way home on Saturday was a quick detour by Jessica's house to deliver the poncho (top photo) and the Baable hat (pictured in last blog post) I made for her. We are finally having some cool days and I wanted her to have it now.

I am hoping to have a recipe or two to share soon. I hope that Little Sister and I will have a some kitchen time before I head home. And it's possible that Mommy will "let" me cook supper a night or two while I'm here. Stay tuned.


  1. Looks like fun times. Enjoy!

    1. It was fun. We had two cold days so it felt like fall while we were out and about. Today (Monday) it will hit 80 again. Back to shorts and sandals. But I keep knitting for this mythical thing called winter.

  2. What a fabulous poncho. Children's imaginations are sweet gifts. If only we didn't grow up! Have fun with your grands.

    1. Thanks. She wears it well. Ponchos are so in style right now. It's nice when style and easy knitting coincide!


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