Sunday, November 13, 2016

So How Old Am I?

The most fun birthday card from a dear knitting friend

Today is my birthday. 67 years old. That's a long time. I thought it would be fun to see what was invented, discovered and developed AFTER I was born.

There were the obvious computer-y things like social media, all the digital stuff, touch screens and iAnything. And then there were the things, like 8-track tapes, VHS players, Atari game systems, and Instamatic cameras, that have already come and gone.

I found some surprises. I thought air conditioning came along after me. It was not a standard for buildings where I grew up until after I was in college, but it was invented and was in use before I was born. I guessed that paper towels hit the market after me—but no, they were an item earlier than 1949, as were asphalt and styrofoam.

No, I am not older than dinosaurs or steam engines even though the granddaughters think I came over with the Pilgrims. They also think Daddy-O is 28. They don't have a strong grasp of age yet.

So what has happened in my 67 years? Here is a list of things that have come along after I was born. Most of them feel like they've been around forever.


1.      Color television
2.      Remote control TV
3.      Flat screen TV/digital TV
4.      DVRs
5.      Push button telephones
6.      Portable telephones
7.      Cell phones/Smart phones
8.      Personal computers—laptop & desktop
9.      Handheld calculators
10.  Velcro
11.   Post-It notes
12.  Super glue
13.  Ziploc bags
14.  TV dinners
15.  Instant grits & oatmeal
16.  Ketchup packets
17.  ICEEs/Slurpies
18.  Frosted Flakes & Sugar Smacks
19.  Jif peanut butter, Jiffy Pop, & Cheese Whiz
20.  Cake mix
21.  Microwave ovens (for home use)
22.  Ebooks/Kindles
23.  GPS guidance systems
24.  Drive-thru fast food windows
25. Online shopping
26.  ATMs
27.  Banking drive-up windows
28.  Internet
29.  WiFi
30.  Text messages
31.  Email
32.  Google
33.  Answering machines
34.  Spandex
35.  Panty hose
36.  Corning Ware
37.  Tupperware
38.  Non-stick cookware 
39.  CDs/DVDs
40.  Plastic bags
41.  Bubble wrap
42.  Con-Tact paper
43.   Bar codes
44.  AA batteries
45.  Smoke detectors
46.  Cordless power tools
47.  Polar fleece
48.  MasterCard & VISA
49.  Radial tires
50.  State of Alaska
51.  State of Hawaii
52.  Power steering
53.  Automatic sliding doors
54.  Sharpie pens & Magic Markers
55.  Diet soda
56.  Barbie dolls
57.  Mr. Potato Head
58.  Hula hoops
59.  Silly putty
60.  Play Doh
61.  Commercial jet liners
62.  Weather satellites
63.  Hydrogen bomb
64.  The “I Love Lucy” television show
65.   Mad magazine
66.  James Bond  (the novels & the movies)
67.  Rock ‘n Roll

I have always thought that if I were six weeks younger, I would sound much younger. Being born "in the 40s" just sounds older to me than being a child of the "50s." If you are much younger than me, you're thinking, "That ALL sounds old!" You are right. We all are.


  1. Well, you are the youngest 67 year old I know!! :) Have a wonderful birthday!!

    1. That number sounds dreadfully old when I hear it said. But it doesn't actually feel so old!

  2. That is one awesome birthday card! Best wishes to you.

    1. Isn't that the best card ever? Thank you for the good wishes!

  3. I thought you were closer to my age (54)! You are a very youthful 67! Happy Birthday!!


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