Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Bed Had Wheels

I just got home from official Mimi duty. (It's nice to be needed.) Baby Girl made a trip to the hospital on Monday morning. She told me, "I'm going to get my ears cracked." In adult speak, that's called getting ear tubes. Everything went smoothly and quickly. She was back at home by mid-afternoon, sleeping off her hard morning. By suppertime, she was wide awake.

I asked her to tell me about what happened. In between bounces and twirls and spins and tumbles, this newly-turned-three-year-old told me, "I went to the hospital." And again I asked her to tell me about it. "The bed had wheels!" "The nurse told me I had to be very patient."  She spread her fingers and put her hand over her nose. "They put a big thing on my face." Then she ran to the table beside her bed and pointed to the mask on her nebulizer. "It was like this. I think they gave me a breathing treatment." She ended with, "And I ate a popsicle." All in all, she had a good day.

Her mommy said that Baby Girl's nurse called a few other nurses into her room to see this happy little chatterbox. Most of the other little ones there that morning for the same procedure were not having such a positive experience. They could hear the unhappy contingent down the hall. No doubt about it. A happy toddler was the exception.

And while Mommy and J-Daddy were busy tending to the little patient, I was the chauffeur for the big sisters. There was a quick breakfast before school that morning. Little Sister asked for honey toast, her current favorite breakfast. And then on the way to school, she proceeded to tell me how to make it. "Mimi, you should try it. You could make this." So I thought I'd share her recipe with you.

Here's the Little Sister's own words:



First you toast your own bread.

Then you drizzle honey from side to side. You can drizzle it from front to back, too. But Mommy won't let me have that much honey.

And then you eat it. Enjoy!


Granny J said...

Pretty soon the girls will be so self sufficient you won't have to travel I-85 any more! So happy you get to share their lives so much. Is it a problem to get to their home with the bridge out??

Mimi said...

You know. You are right. They won't be little long. I savor every minute of hearing, "Mimi, read me a book." "Mimi, come play dollhouse." "Mimi, look!" Those days are numbered. And no, the bridge isn't a problem. Both daughters live north of the bridge collapse.

goodnightgram said...

Loved reading the toast recipe and about the bed with wheels. Sunshine good stories to cherish.

Mimi said...

That's one reason I keep this blog. It's a place to write down things we would forget otherwise.

goodnightgram said...

I have no idea where that word 'sunshine' came from in my comment. I think autocorrect made something up that I didn't catch. I thought I typed "such good stories to cherish."

Mimi said...

Ha. I know all too well about the perils of autocorrect!

Mildred said...

You are very blessed with grandchildren! The honey toast looks tasty. I appreciate your visit and comment on pistachio cake. I hope you'll visit again and I look forward to following you. Enjoy your day.

Mimi said...

Thanks for stopping by. I will tell the six-year-old you liked her recipe. I think she's headed for her own TV cooking show one day. :-)