Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wanted: Grandmother

When I finally unpacked my bags yesterday, I saw my Mother's Day card that I received when I went to stay at Mommy's house last week. She told me that Baby Girl had picked it out. Now, I know she can't read yet. (She turned three less than two months ago.) At least I don't think she can read. She can spell, though. "N...O...  No!!!" She's got that down pat. But I think she picked a perfect card. Who knows, maybe I'm underestimating her. Maybe she CAN read! This pretty well sums up the job.


  1. Hiya Dianne: Perfect card! I think she must know how to read because she got everything right! I've been talking about you on my blog while you were away. ;-D I found a pretty tray after thinking about your pretty tray post. And then last week I used the Microwave Bread and Butter Pickle recipe to Pickle just the onions only! Love the cukes, too, but I caught myself fishing in the jar for onions and decided to try a batch of onions only. Yum! And Fun! Seven Videlia onions gave me three pints canned. I gave two away as gifts. So, today, I am making another batch and will process those jars, too. I recently found some pickled Brazilian little red peppers (bulk) so, I bought some and have been mixing a few in a realish bowl with the onions at serving time. It makes for a pretty red and white mix of color. Thanks to you for posting Bev's recipe...and I highly recommend an onions only batch! Hope you're recovering from your busy week of Gram duty!

    1. It took me a while, but I am back at full speed. And heading back to see the littles again. This time it's a quick trip to see a dance recital. That will be fun...since I'm not the one in charge of costumes, hair, etc!


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