Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at my current knitting focus. "Monogamous knitting", as it's sometimes called—as in I'm only working on this one project until it's done. No putting it down to knit something else for a while. It has to be that way because there is a deadline involved. I'm right on track to finish when I need to. I calculated that so far, I've knitted 48,501 stitches. That's the actual number of stitches hanging on the needles. I didn't count the stitches that got knitted twice when I had to undo a mistake and reknit them. Thankfully, the number of reknitted stitches is pretty low considering the size of the project.

I know Daddy-O will be glad when I am back to spending a little more time in the kitchen, but I still have thousands of stitches to go. There is enough food stashed in the freezer to take us through a few more weeks. So he is not in danger of starving.

For the non-knitters...my chart is a way to keep up with where I am. The pattern doesn't tell you to do this. Each knitter is on their own to figure out some sort of tracking system. Each line of boxes represents the actual lace pattern. Those boxes are numbered 1-12. I knit those twelve rows over and over. I've knitted those twelve rows 26 times so far.

I had said that when this was done, I was going to only knit tiny little projects for a while because I'd be tired of this big one. But you know...I think it's going to be more like when I finish this, I'll miss knitting it. This has been pure pleasure.

This will be the last time I'll post anything about this project until it's time to share the finished object. Patience, dear readers. Patience.


Although I cannot reply to your comments here—some kind of bugaboo in the blog platform—rest assured I read and appreciate each and every one. Stay in touch!