Monday, May 16, 2016

It Was A Lovely Lake Weekend

This early in the season, the lake is quiet. In a few weeks, it will be filled with boats and pontoons and fishermen and water skiers and noisy children playing. 

But this weekend, we nearly had the lake to ourselves. We savored the stillness. Enjoyed the quiet. Took pleasure in the sunset. Just the two of us. There aren't many days like this.

The next morning, we could barely see the lake for the fog that swirled over the water. But the sun rose higher and higher and the fog became mist and the mist slowly drifted away.

As the sky brightened, we discovered we had not been as alone at the lake as we thought. We were sharing the dock and the pier with spiders, who must have worked all night after we went inside. As the sun came up, we could see these magnificent works of art, visible from the porch up the hill. The sunlight sparkled on the dewy webs and they were shining.

We had swept the boat dock the afternoon we arrived and this space between the dock posts was empty. How quickly can a spider spin a web? They must work at a furious speed, because these webs were enormous. (Actually, I looked it up–it takes about an hour.)

Of course, we had cleaned our favorite seat on the pier. That's our favorite spot for watching the water. We sat out here until the sun went down.

But this is what we found the next morning. It evidently is a favorite spot of the spiders, too. We are back at home now. The spiders can work undisturbed until we have another lake weekend.

Poetry is a fresh morning spider-web
telling a story of moonlight hours
of weaving and waiting during a night.
 –Carl Sandburg

Poetry is a fresh morning spider-web telling a story of moonlit hours of weaving and waiting during a night.

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goodnightgram said...

What a lovely post. The fog over the lake made for a great photo. And one hour to do what we couldn't knit or crochet in the same amount of time! Wow! And two of them on the same chair in the last photo - amazing!

Judy Wright said...

Nice, sweet reflection.

Mimi said...

There was a third big web on the back of the chair, anchored between the seat and the deck of the pier. But it was so close to the edge, I had no where to stand to make a photo. At least without a high risk of falling in!

I did think about how long it would take us to knit something that size.

Mimi said...

A rare trip that wasn't filled with lots of chores and repairs on our ancient lake house. It was nice.

jo(e) said...

I love those misty photos. And the spiderwebs!

Mimi said...

Thanks, jo(e). These are the perks for getting up before the sun.

Barb said...

What a beautiful post. Both photos and words are pure poetry. What perfect light to photograph those webs.

Mimi said...

Thank you, Barb. I appreciate these comments from the master nature photographer!

Missy V. said...

Beautiful. Nature is awesome - in the truest sense of the word.

Mimi said...

Indeed, Missy. I have to remind myself sometimes to slow down and observe.