Monday, February 17, 2020

Presidents Day = Grandkids Weekend

We were in full grandparent mode this weekend. The littles had a long weekend off for Presidents' Day. They might have been more excited that it also included Valentine's Day. They arrived at the farm loaded with Valentines from schoolmates and lots of candy. And a dozen "Valentine doughnuts" for Daddy-O.

I have made heart shaped pancakes many times over the years. I did it by making heart shaped aluminum foil "collars." (Fold foil over several times to make long strip about 1 inch wide. Join the ends by folding together. Pinch tight to hold. Shape into hearts.) But this year I happened up on silicone heart shaped pancake makers at Target. So much easier! 

As I was making pancakes I thought about my own mother who never owned a griddle or a wire whisk. But she was an excellent pancake maker. My favorite was when she would fry bacon first and then pour batter over a strip of bacon. 

The littles received a special treat from a friend of mine. She had made them Valentines that included s'mores kits. After the candy and doughnuts and the pancakes with syrup, there was still room for "s'more!"

For little girls who live in a neighborhood with a small yards, it's always fun for them to come here where there is so much space for outside play. 

Bicycles, scooters, roller skates, a wagon, a swing. And plenty of space to ride and run.

It doesn't matter what else goes on around here, every day the cows are fed.

And sometimes Daddy-O has helpers. Something for them to tell their friends about when they get back to school.

There was even a little driveway fishing. Baby Girl has gotten pretty good at casting her line. She'll be ready when she gets a chance to fish off the pier at the lake this summer.

And when they were packing up to head home today, Baby Girl asked for a snack to take with her. Bless these girls. And the mommy who has taught them to eat well. The youngest one was happy to take a bag of carrot sticks home with her. How good to choose healthy snacks to balance the Valentine treats!

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