Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is It 'Homemade' If I Made It In My Home?

Yes, I actually made dinner last night. After a week of "kitchen closed due to illness," I thought we needed to eat dinner here. I said "made" dinner because I'm not sure I could exactly say "cooked" dinner since I used a packaged mix.

But, oh, what a mix!...shrimp & grits from Gullah Gourmet. You just have to add the shrimp. And it's so very, very good. Better than some shrimp & grits I've had in restaurants. (We have only used this one mix from their line, so I can't tell you from my own experience how the others taste. But we've enjoyed the shrimp & grits mix for years.)

I think I bought this bag of Shrimp & Grits mix at the beach in a gift shop. That's usually where you find this product. I did see them at our Piggly Wiggly store at the lake for a while but then they stopped carrying it. So imagine my delight when I discovered that the farm just down the road from us now stocks this! Several years ago Stewart Farms just had U-pick strawberries. Seems like every time I blink now, they have more to offer--greenhouse, blackberries, fresh produce, corn maze, pumpkin patch, gift shop, Christmas trees, field trips for schools. 

If you aren't near anywhere that sell Gullah Gourmet, you can order online. If you non-Southerners need help translating the directions, let me know.

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