Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Ever wonder what makes a toy "the favorite?" When Mommy was a little girl, she had a soft fabric clown doll that was never meant to be a toy--it should have been a decorating piece, meant to sit on a shelf. But she carried that doll everywhere. There is even a photo of Mommy and "Doll" when Mommy was an infant and too little to hold "Doll" but her face was beaming as she looked at it.

After a couple of years and lots of mending, then many patches--even the patches had patches--and then a suit to hold "Doll" together a little longer, this toy vanished. It may have spontaneously disintegrated. (It had never been washed because it was originally glued together and had felt parts.) If it had not disappeared, we might have eventually called in a hazmat team to take care of it. Thankfully, we have photos of this special toy with a little girl Mommy.

Baby Sister seems to have found her favorite. Of all the toys in her house, we would have never thought these would be her constant companions. I understand she carries them with her everywhere.

A plastic ear of corn and a pot lid. Go figure. Time will tell if this choice is "THE" toy. But for now she loves to carry them around. And thankfully they are washable! 


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