Friday, July 13, 2012

Boxes, Paper, And Boxes, Oh My!

I am beginning to think that the life of a hobo wouldn't be so bad. 
You could carry everything you own on your back. 

We have unpacked, unpacked and unpacked some more. I have passed the one million mark in dishwashing. I didn't count, but I'm certain I've washed at least a million things. Today Daddy-O is hauling off boxes and paper so we can unpack some more.

Baby Sister was a pretty good helper until she found a better thing to do.
All these boxes are a kid's heaven!

And in a chaotic household, a little solitude is welcome.
"Stay out of my box," says Baby Sister.

You can finally see the floor. 
A perfect place for a much-needed tea party break.

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  1. What fun boxes are! It looks like you all did a marathon unpacking job!


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