Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little Helper

Taking advantage of a few quiet minutes here—after Big Sister has left for school and before Little Sister has waked up.  We are staying so busy here trying to get everything ready for new baby and keep Mommy sitting down and resting at the same time.

But with my trusty little helper always at my side, we are getting it all done. She has such a list of things to do "when I get bigger", like "touching knives" (that means helping with the cooking) to "driving the car" (it would be fabulous to have help with the errands.) Right now, she does set the table and help with the laundry and she just got her own broom, so sweeping is exciting. (Why does all this desire to help leave by the time they are old enough to have the skills?)

But we do find time to play, too. Last week she and I cut paper dolls. When my girls were small, I cut the fanciest paper dolls you can imagine. My cutting skills are a little rusty, but I think I'll get plenty of practice out here.

She has also developed mad skills in playing Go Fish. Last game, she beat me fair and square. It took about two times playing with Big Sister and me for her to understand what we were doing. But after that, it was every player for herself!

Little Sister tells everyone "Mimi lives here now." And for these few weeks, she's right. Bless Daddy-O for holding down things at the farm and letting me have this precious family time.

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  1. LOVE the paper dolls, especially the cats. Also, ANY recipe that starts with butter sounds good. Hang in there, all of you.


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