Saturday, March 8, 2014

Messy Mimi

When you arrive knowing you'll be in someone else's house for an extended stay, one of the main goals is that everyone will still be speaking to each other when the visit is over. (Maybe I've watched Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation too many times.) Thankfully, we are all pretty easy-going folks here and have very good manners.

But I will admit that I felt like I wasn't being a very good guest in my first days here. I kept finding that things in "my" room had been moved around. Several small items had been moved to the bookshelf and neatly arranged. Some shoe boxes had been put away into a large shopping bag. I figured Mommy was trying to be helpful and keep my room neat. I am here to help HER, so I was falling down on the job. Plus, I didn't think I was making such a mess anyway! And I was a little bothered that she kept moving my things around.

But one afternoon I couldn't find my purse when it was time to go get Big Sister. When I asked if Mommy knew where it was, Little Sister piped up, "I know where it is!" She ran into my room and opened a drawer. There was the handbag. I still thought it was Mommy putting my things up.

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Sock
Needles: size 2

Then the next day, I could not find the socks I had finished knitting the day after I arrived. Again, when I asked where they were, the first one to answer was Little Sister. She ran into my room again and pointed. "I put them right here!!!"

Come to find out, three-year-old Little Sister had been the "cleaning fairy" all along. She was just trying to help Mimi keep her room clean. (She is much less concerned about keeping her own room that picked up.) Mommy, on the other hand, had been wondering why I was putting my things into the empty drawers that she had cleaned out in anticipation of filling them with diapers and baby supplies.

I should have had a clue when the night I arrived Little Sister announced, "Mimi's room is a mess!" after she looked at my partially unpacked suitcases.

I really must do better.

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