Monday, July 11, 2016

Vacation's Over

Family time.

Early morning fishing.

What a week to be away from television (except for the tiny one that gets only PBS) and newspapers. While we were on vacation, it seems the world fell apart. It has been painful to catch up on what on happening while we were away. But we will continue to focus on the pleasant time we shared with family. We will also make sure we teach these little ones to treat people with respect and kindness.

Porch airport.

Lakeside dining.

For years, I thought "vacation" had to be somewhere at least a few hours away from home. But this year we had a real vacation at our lake house that is only 45 minutes from the farm. We had our entire family at the lake at one time or another as people came and went. And extended family joined us on July 4th for our annual BBQ lunch. Such good memories.

The umbrella that got away.

A visitor on the pier.

We came back to the farm for a couple of days before Mommy and the little girls headed home. Then, after they left for the city, we headed back to the lake house for a couple of days of quiet after the busy times with little ones in residence. It was all good—the busy times and the quiet time. Life is all about balance, isn't it?

A reminder that the littles were here.


  1. I know what you mean about coming back from vacation and seeing all the dreadful stuff that happened in the world. It made me want to pack up and go right back up to camp ....

    1. But there is no real escape from it, is there? I do know that I don't want a steady diet of hearing the same awful things being said for hours and days. One time is sufficient to inform me. More than that and it depresses me.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful getaway. Love the porch airport!

    1. Oh, there was a big plane on the table behind her. Their dad flies often, so this is play they relate to. And, yes, it was a truly wonderful week.


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