Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lost And Found

I was absolutely positive that I had started a little white baby hat months ago. I had made myself a "starter kit." Sometimes I find out with short notice that a daughter is in need of a baby hat for a friend. So I figured if I had one already cast on and ready to knit, I'd be ahead of the game. And a white hat—a gender neutral color. I was totally ready.

Until I wasn't. When I found out that the next baby is due in a few weeks, I was feeling smug because I knew there was my "starter kit," ready for me to pick up and finish. When I went to get it, I couldn't find it. No white baby hat. I did some serious searching through my knitting stuff.

Then I did some deeper digging through more obscure places I might have stashed it. I actually pulled out every bag I had with a work-in-progress (or a yarn/pattern combo) in it and opened them all. I even wrote down what was in each bag...pattern name, yarn color, needle size...and made a list so that I would know what was here. No white baby hat. I looked through the empty project bags, hoping I had mixed up the empties with the work-in-progress ones. I did find a pair of prescription sunglasses that I had "lost" at the Georgia knitting retreat back in the spring. Kind of made the search worthwhile. But still, no white baby hat.

After I looked through purses and suitcases, I pulled those bags out again and lined them up in the floor with every one of them open so that I could see them all at once. No white baby hat. I waited a week, thinking it would miraculously appear. That does happen sometime.

Then I waited one more week (I didn't want to give up too quickly) before deciding that maybe I hallucinated about casting on the little hat. Maybe I only thought that would be a brilliant idea but I never really did it. So I did give up and ordered white yarn. And although, there's plenty of yarn here, I didn't have any white. That was actually the color requested for this baby. I knew I needed to start this little hat.

The new white yarn arrived this week and I cast on yesterday. Took this quick little project to the library knitting group yesterday and worked on a few rounds there. One of the younger knitters finished her first sock while we were knitting. I promised her that I would look through my stash of yarn here at home and bring her some sock yarn for another pair. I have plenty enough to share. So when I came home, I headed straight to my yarn bins, before I forgot, to see what Holly might like.

And you know what I found, don't you? Yep. There is was. Right smack in front of me. There was ONE bin on the cubbies where I store yarn that didn't have yarn in it. It held some random bags. The cute gray and red bag on top had the pre-started white baby hat. Why that bin was never pulled out, I can't tell you. The second white hat will not go to waste, though. I always am needing one more baby gift.

But REALLY? I had told Daddy-O while I looked that the sure way to find that hat was to buy the yarn again. I was joking. And then, maybe I wasn't.


janie said...

Ha! Love it!!!

Also love that yarn!

Mimi said...

I could have knit another hat in the time I spent searching! I obviously need a better organization method.

Barb said...

A good story and something with which I'm all too familiar. I often find a lost object after giving up and moving on. A case in point is our wedding album which the d-i-l's asked me for this past winter. We searched "everwhere" and couldn't find it. Unknown to us, our son also searched the garage storage space. Finally, 2 weeks from the anniversary, we pulled everthing out of that space, and there was a box labeled "old photos." The album was in that box. A lucky baby will soon wear a keepsake white knit hat. (And, one is started for the next baby!)

Mimi said...

It's something cosmic, I think...when you "give up and move on" and then find the missing object. It's like it frees up a space in the universe. Well, that sounds a little new age-y, but really tends to happen that way.

goodnightgram said...

I had a feeling you would find it. Isn't that the way it goes? I know that you will find a little head that will use the hat.

Mimi said...

Oh, there are lots of little heads on the way! Finished one of the white hats today.

Mary said...

Yep, happens every time! Lose something, buy a replacement and then the lost item appears.

Mimi said...

It's like a rule, isn't it?