Friday, August 18, 2017

Knitting, Snack Mix And An Eclipse

I am seriously thinking about renaming this mix to Knitting Nuts & Bolts. It's a party mix recipe that is titled just plain Nut & Bolts. My friend Missy shared her grandmother's recipe with me ages ago.  I've made it several times but this week I realized that I seem to mostly be making it for knitting retreats. It's a great addition to the snack table.

So this week I stirred up a batch for the Rewind Retreat that starts today. See that container ready to pack in with my knitting things?

And because it makes a HUGE amount, there was plenty for another big container to add to the stack of things going to the lake for our eclipse watching on Monday. We are in the center of the "path of totality." (Sounds like the old TV show Get Smart, doesn't it?) Our lake house is only minutes away from the camp where the retreat is held, so I'm loading my car one time for both events. If you are eclipse watching on Monday, stay safe! 

And after packing two 8-cup containers, there is plenty to save for later. It really makes a lot. I like to put my snack mix in glass jars if I plan to leave it for a few weeks. It stays nice and crispy for a long time as long as you pack it in air tight containers.

The only words of wisdom for making this is to use a giant container for stirring it together. Or, as Daddy-O asked me, "Why couldn't you just use the two foil pans to mix it?" He's right, of course. Even with my biggest pan, I had cereal jumping out of the sides. And Missy says she goes a little heavier on the Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce for extra zing. I make it as written. We are not a zingy family.

NUTS & BOLTS (Missy's Mimi's recipe)

1 (14-oz) box Wheat Chex (Life cereal works, too)
1 (12-oz) box Rice Chex
1 (12-oz) box Cheerios 
1 (16-oz) bag pretzel sticks (I think 8 oz. is plenty)
1-1/2 lb mixed nuts (I use 1 lb mixed nuts and 1/2 lb pecan halves)
1-1/4 lb. butter (5 sticks)
3 tablespoons Tabasco
4 tablespoons Worcestershire

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Mix first five ingredients together in a VERY large bowl. Bring butter, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce to a boil. Pour over the dry ingredients and stir gently to coat everything.

Pour into two large roasting pans (I use the disposable ones) and put on middle racks in ovens if you have a double oven, or put both in one oven and alternate positions a few times while cooking. Cook for 4-1/2 to 5 hours, stirring gently every 45 minutes.

Let cool and seal in airtight containers. (Each batch makes twelve 8-oz bags.) If sealed well, this Chex mix stays crunchy for a long time.

Okay, I'm off to round up the last things for my weekend. Knitting stuff. ✔️ Snack mix and cookies. ✔️ Pajamas suitable for early morning gathering around the coffee pot at the camp. ✔️ Extra pillow. ✔️ Clothes for the lake. ✔️ Eclipse glasses. ✔️ 

Y'all have fun this weekend!


  1. I am so glad Mimi's mix has become a staple for you all! I am making it this weekend (cookies too, and your cinnamon rolls) - to take to Lake Tahoe next week. Have a wonderful time! We are right in the path of the eclipse too. It is a HUGE event here as well as Nashville is right in the path!

  2. Happy knitting! Happy eclipse watching! Happy crunching! We are 75% of totality path, but with slouds and rain in the forecast. We may notice it get a bit darker and a bit cooler, but hard to say. Enjoy!

  3. Jessica, you are the zing in our family!

  4. Missy, I am so happy you shared this recipe and then let me share it again. There are a zillion versions of this snack mix out there, but we really like this one just like your Mimi made it.

  5. Goodnightgram, the eclipse was quite the experience. They had predicted a 20 degree drop in the temperature. It was more like 7 or 8 degrees. But other than that, most of what we had been told to expect happened. A true once in a lifetime happening.


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