Monday, December 4, 2017

Morning Glory

The view from my kitchen when I poured my coffee today. I love morning.

It's that time of year—for me, at least—when thinking about my ever growing to-do list makes me feel slightly nauseous. So it's even more important for me to take a little morning time to be quiet and still.

Time to put things in perspective. Time to say a prayer for the family who will lay their precious mother to rest today. And another for the family who said goodbye to a dear husband and dad last week. Time to say a prayer for a friend's granddaughter who is in the hospital having tests. Time to give thanks for another busy day.

If I get everything crossed off my list, that's great. If I don't, that's fine, too. I have learned that it's okay to make the list shorter. Lots shorter, if necessary. It might be time to embrace the "less is more" philosophy.

And in that spirit, this is all I'm writing today.


  1. That photo fills the space so you need fewer words. It shows how blessed you are to be surrounded by natural beauty. Yes, take time for the important things. We’ll never regret buying less or spending more time on what’s important. I wish you the peace and happiness of the season.


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