Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Cool

When I was out in the near-midwest helping Baby Sister get settled in her new house this summer, the temperatures hovered around 105 the whole time I was there. Very early mornings were the time to be outdoors--when it was only in the mid-90s--before the heat set in again. So we stayed indoors most of the time.

But Mommy sent photos this week and said the weather has been absolutely perfect this week and she and Baby Sister have enjoyed staying outside. They had been to the park and taken walks in their neigborhood. Looks like Baby Sister might love the swing best.

Looks like they are also getting ready for Halloween. I think Baby Sister looks a like a little pumpkin cowboy here. So glad the hat I knitted last year still fits! I understand Baby Sister had great fun lining up her mommy's pumpkin placemats in the floor like stepping stones and hopping from one to the next. 

If I must be a long distance grandparent (like many of you) I am grateful for cell phones and emails and Instagram and text messages and Facetime and all the ways that lets us see what is happening in their everyday life. Thank you Steve Jobs and Kevin Systrom and Ed Roberts and all the other nerdy visionaries who aimed for things the rest of us didn't know were possible. 

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  1. thought I spotted a new photo on a Ravelry project - with curly, longer hair. Cute.


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