Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Away

Fall is the perfect time for a trip to the mountains. 
The leaves turned while we were there, I think. 
There was so much more color coming home today 
than we saw as we rode up on Friday.

We headed to the mountains to attend a wedding. 
Highlands, NC was the perfect town for the festivities.

We even got to enjoy a couple of days with Jessica who drove up to join us.

I don't know how to play croquet but this beautiful croquet lawn 
might have inspired me to learn. 
Everywhere we turned there was something beautiful to see.

The inn where we stayed also had many cozy spots for relaxing.
And big TVs inside for football watching if that was your choice.

We had fun the entire weekend---
 we enjoyed the inn and all its amenities, 
the town with its cute shops and fun restaurants, 
and the beautiful wedding and reception.
It was perfect in every way.

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