Monday, June 3, 2013

Worked Like A Charm

Life is a three-ring circus here at the moment. But, isn't everybody's? All the time? I'm just having to re-learn how to cook while not stepping on toys all over the kitchen floor and while having a pint-size helper who wants to see what's cooking on the stove and help stir everything. But I did have supper ready on time tonight and it was delicious. Crockpot cooking to the rescue again!

In those few minutes before everything was done, I sat down at the kitchen table to practice my ukulele. Today I was working straight from my computer screen instead of printed song sheets. It wasn't long before I realized Baby Sister was playing from her computer, too. She would strum some, then type some. Just like Mimi. I had forgotten how closely little ones watch everything you do.

Here is the recipe I tried tonight. I saw it on Pinterest and I was intrigued by using the mixer to shred the pork. I had my doubts about that. But it worked like a charm. Look at my photos! File this one away for a day when you need a quick, easy meal.


6 boneless center cut pork chops
1/2 cup water
spices (I used Weber's Sweet & Tangy BBQ seasoning. Use whatever you like.)
chopped onions (I just used 1/2 of a large onion)
half bottle BBQ sauce of choice 

Pour water and some BBQ sauce into slow cooker, stir well. 
Place one layer of chops inside slow cooker. (
Mine allowed for three across.) Sprinkle with spices.  
Put some sauce and onions on top of first layer, then add another layer of chops, sprinkle with spices, and add more onions and sauce. Cook on LOW for 7-8 hours. 

When done, use a slotted spoon and transfer the cooked chops into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a flat beater. (I read that as KitchenAid.) Mix on low until the pork is shredded to the level you want. (If your mixer bowl is smaller, do it in two batches.)

The meat has flavor, but it's still rather plain, so you'll probably need to add more sauce. Unless you're the person who likes it plain. We have both kinds of people in our house. This way everyone can suit themselves. If you don't have a stand mixer, you can use two forks and shred it by hand, like I've always done. Until tonight.

You can find the original recipe at

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