Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Worth The Wait

Like grandparents everywhere, we've spent the days after Christmas talking about our "full house" days during the Christmas week. The memories, thankfully, last longer than the visits. One moment that struck us funny was when Mommy asked Little Sister to go tell her daddy and Daddy-O that supper was ready. She bounced into the den and in her three-year-old voice shouted, "Come on, boys!" 

But there is an even better memory. I was lucky enough to have the camera handy when I spied the long line of farm animals on our kitchen table. Little Sister was still in her pajamas and was playing after breakfast while Jessica sat there with her. I walked by and asked why all the animals were in a line. "They're waiting to see Pioneer Woman!" she replied. (See the Pioneer Woman standing at the left corner of the barn?) Waiting on the Pioneer Woman was a memorable event in Little Sister's short life.

For the uninformed, the Pioneer Woman has a TV cooking show (that Little Sister loves to watch) and a wildly popular blog and has written a couple of cookbooks. The celebrity chef made a public appearance to sign her new cookbook in November at a store near Mommy's house. They went to get books autographed for Christmas gifts.

Mommy was prepared for a wait, but no one anticipated how long that wait would be. Mommy said because of how the line of people snaked through store aisles, she couldn't see how long the line was, so they didn't know what they were in for. I don't even want to tell you how long they (yes, Mommy and both sisters) waited for the books. 

But patience paid off. The books were signed. And they got a terrific photo with the famous Pioneer Woman. Little Sister is a genuine fan and stirs and seasons her pretend cooking, just like her TV mentor. So this photo is priceless!

And maybe as a cosmic gift for that long wait, they happened up on Marlboro Man, too! (That's what the Pioneer Woman calls her husband.) So they got a second photo. It was a miserably long wait, but that's the kind of family thing that will be talked about for years. Mommy said the girls were troopers.

And the books? Yep, I was thrilled to get one on Christmas Day. Can't wait to try the recipes. I have used several of her recipes from her blog and all were wonderful. I know these are, too. Thank you, Mommy, Big Sister and Little Sister for a wonderful Christmas gift. 

("Long journey--part of gift." Last line from a great little story I've told my girls over and over. They'll know.)

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  1. Aww, so sweetly written Dianne. As usual you always make me smile and tear up at the same time. Love your blog. Donna L


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