Thursday, February 20, 2014

Strange Weather

I talked to a friend who lives in New England last week. He laughed at the Southern way we deal with snow---we wait for it to melt. We don't own snow shovels or snow blowers. Where we live, you usually wait a couple of days and the sun comes out and it's gone. 

This snow hung around for a while. We actually saw snow fall for three days in a row. That just doesn't happen. But then—neither do earthquakes. And we had one of those (4.1-magnitude) just days after the snow. And today? One week later? The high temp was 72 degrees. Got out the flip-flops this morning. Strange times.

The snow kept Daddy-O from making it to the store for a Valentine. So I got this one that he made. And I love it even more than a bought one!

I spent part of my time inside while snow was on the ground making these fun mitts. Just takes a little bit of leftover yarn. The pattern came from a class I took a few days before the storm. Perfect timing.

But the sun did come out and I hit the road. I had not been to Atlanta in many months. The storm had cancelled my weekend beach trip, so I headed South, stopping only for a road trip treat.

When I get to this spot on the highway, I know I'm almost there. I had a good visit with second-born daughter, enjoyed a change of scenery, and a nice brunch. Who knows when I'll get back? 

And who knows when I'll post a blog again? I just haven't been in the mood, haven't had much to say. I did realize that I need to do this blog, even if no one reads it but me. 

I pulled a quart of soup from the freezer on one of our snow days. It was delicious! So I went to check the recipe, thinking I'd make it again soon. The recipe wasn't here on my blog. I couldn't find it on my Pinterest boards. Or, Evernote. Not on the blogs I read often. Not anywhere. I found photos of the soup I'd made, so I'm sure I meant to post the recipe. But I didn't. It's gone forever. Lesson learned.

Now, I just need to cook something.

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  1. I read your blog :D

    Pretty mitts! I love wearing them, too; so feminine.

    "The times... they are a'changing" ~ that's certain. Keep on keeping on in Him, friend.

    (Why oh why do I feel like running out for a double tall soy latte?!)


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