Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Mimi Time

Midweek in the Deep South was a frozen mess.

Of course that was the day I had a flight back to see Little Sister. For us the only problem part was the slippery ride to the airport. Took twice as long as normal.

But the plane took off on time. Even if it was an antique. I was happy that the next leg of the flight was did not involve propellers.

There were a good many empty seats on the second flight--maybe folks missed connections because of the bad weather? With an empty seat beside me I didn't worry about pulling out my knitting.

I had cast on a new sock right before I left home in case I had time to knit on the plane. I cannot think about the bumps and the noises that happen while flying while concentrating on my stitches. That's a good thing.

I've been happy to do the cooking while out here (chicken and dumplings last night) but Mommy and her trusty helper cooked "Benchiladas" one night.

I'll share the recipe when I am not posting from my phone. It's too easy to make a mistake this way.

For those who have wondered about Jessica in Atlanta...thankfull, she was not among the thousands stranded on the highways in the "snow jam." But it took her fours hours to drive home from her office-- usually about a 40 minute trip.

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