Friday, August 8, 2014

Precious Summer Memories

It's our last full day with everyone here at the farm. Even Big Sister is here today. The exodus starts early in the morning. It's been a busy summer. Sometimes it felt like a long summer. This morning it feels like it flew by.

What precious memories we will have from our summer months with the littles in residence. Watching Little Sister teach her baby sister a song early in the morning was one of those very special moments.  First she tried to teach the baby to clap as she sang her song. "Good! That's the way," she would say as she took the baby's hands and clapped them together.

Then it was time to teach the melody. So Little Sister dragged her piano in the kitchen and put it right beside the bouncy seat. Baby Girl took in every movement. Even though Little Sister tried her best, she never got Baby Girl to sing a note! (Baby Girl was four months old last week.)

The conversation between sisters continued for quite some time. Baby Girl can make all sorts of sweet baby sounds now. I loved it when Little Sister turned around to me and said, "I think she loves me." Without a doubt.

We are surely going to miss moments like these.


  1. Hello Mimi
    Thanks for your visit last week - it's nice to see new faces.
    Those photos have to be some of the most loving ones I've seen for a while. We all have taken the 'line up and smile' ones over the years and now with the new fast shutter digital cameras these off the cuffs ones are possible. A true record of a moment in time of these sisters. Beautiful.
    Now I'll have a little look round your blog - maybe there are other special posts here just like this one
    Take care

    1. Welcome! So glad you stopped by. And thanks for your kind words about the photos. My mother was a big fan of the "line up and smile" shots, but I have always preferred the ones that capture the moment.


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