Tuesday, September 2, 2014

At Summer's End

We took a few days off and spent Labor Day weekend at the lake.
I love waking up to see the sun dancing on the water.
A cup of coffee on our porch watching the early fishermen 
was a comfortable way to ease into the day.

There was a little fishing. Or, at least the pretense of fishing.
No fish were harmed in this activity.

It was so hot all weekend that getting in the lake every day was a necessity.

It felt deliciously cool when we got out.
At least temporarily.

We rode all over the lake to see all the changes that have happened this summer.
New houses. New vacation areas. New docks.

I knitted a little, but as the temps neared 100,
I put this wool away for later.

And we ended each day out on the pier.
We could sit here and watch the last of the summer skiers, 
listen to the children splashing across the lake,
and see the boats taking an evening cruise.

We hope to get to the lake a few more times before we close it up for the winter, but the lake activity will have slowed down drastically. Labor Day is the final big weekend. 

We watched little kids learning to ski. We watched adults skiing after dark. (That is crazy dangerous. Not to mention illegal.) We watched fishermen that were taking part in the bass tournament. The last weekend was extremely busy out on the water. It's great that all of this was going on because our television at the lake gets one channel--some of the time. The lake is our entertainment. 

Earlier in the summer, we enjoyed having our family here several times. It's fun to have little ones around to keep it lively. But a few days with just the two of us was nice, too. It was a time to rest and relax and reflect on the summer. Now, we are ready for fall.


  1. Don't close up too soon, I want to try and make it for one more weekend!

  2. Come on back! You know we want you.


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