Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Family Newscaster

I love getting family news from Little Sister. She told me last week that her baby sister had gone to the doctor that day. (I already knew that a routine visit was on the schedule.) Little Sister told me, "She went to the doctor because she's sick. Or she has a cavity." 

And on Friday, just as the weekend was starting, her excited voice informed me, "We're having a spend over!" It took me a minute to figure out that "spend over" was a four-year-old mash up of "spend the night" and "sleep over." And I figured it was Big Sister who had friends coming to "spend over." Then a sad little voice said, "I wish I could stay upstairs with them all night." Big Sister and her friends are very good to this four-year-old, but I doubt they would have wanted her for the entire night!

I found later out that Big Sister invited Little Sister upstairs to the bonus room the next night for a very special "spend over" of their own. Little Sister was so excited. Big Sister painted her little sister's nails. They watched a movie and slept on a pallet in front of the TV. Just like the big girls always do. I think this little girl has about the best big sister ever!


I love it when you say hello here! Next best thing to stopping by for a visit.