Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bye Bye, Babies


Tuesday night's dinner conversation...

4-year-old Little Sister:  I have a flight in the morning.
Mommy:  Really? Where?
Little Sister: I have a flight to the South. (She usually "flies" to Boston and Texas.)
Mommy: Why?
Little Sister: I'm going to Mimi's and stay there.

It was hard to listen to her say, "I get tears when you're not here." I almost got tears, too.
How hard it was to leave the midwest family yesterday. I gave Little Sister a "lipstick kiss" when I left her at the airport. I told her it was so she could remember how much I loved her.

It was a good week for me to get acquainted with Baby Girl. She and I had only seen each other a couple of times when she was tiny. Now, she is walking everywhere. How much fun it was to get her up each morning and to rock her at nap time. She didn't know who I was when I got there. But by the end of the week, she seemed perfectly happy to snuggle in my lap and would often reach her little arms up for me to pick her up.

All the girls--me, Mommy, Big Sister, Little Sister, Baby Girl--spent an afternoon at the new exhibit at the nearby museum. Big Sister has learned about some of the artists in school and recognized some of the paintings. Little Sister loved the interactive activities they provided for the little ones. Baby Girl just enjoyed her ride in the stroller.  

I got to drive Big Sister to school each morning which gave us time for visiting. She is so busy as she nears the end of her middle school career. I got to drive Little Sister to her Jitterbugs class so I could see her dance. Too much fun!

And I hope those little trips helped Mommy find an extra minute here and there to do some things around the house. That might redeem me from being up so early with the little girls in the morning. I'm pretty sure they don't wake up so early when I'm not there.

 After spending most of yesterday in airports and airplanes, I am back home. Suitcase sitting right where I left it last night. I figured the unpacking could wait until today. I found a "grandmother doll" in my boot as I was packing very early yesterday morning. Wonder if there are any other surprises in my suitcase?

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