Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Grandmother On The Go

Just got back from a girlfriends weekend at the beach. It's an annual tradition. A cherished tradition.

Today I'm passing through a couple of airports on the way to visit grandchildren.

All good trips.

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goodnightgram said...

A beach weekend sounds wonderful and I have not passed through an airport in three years. I just have to pass through the kitchen to see Goodnight. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren!

Robin Gaudy said...

Are you there for a little someone's first birthday? I'm thinking that is coming up soon... enjoy!

Mimi said...

Back home after lots of playtime, bedtime stories, rocking chair time. But still not enough!

Mimi said...

This trip wasn't the birthday trip--but it probably should have been. Birthday is in a couple of weeks!