Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Singing A Song

I had planned to go knit with friends at the library yesterday afternoon—my usual Tuesday activity. But when you get a call from a dear lady who is in her 80th decade to come make music with her, you drop what you're doing, pick up your ukulele and go.

This sweet lady has been stuck in a rehab facility for months when recovery from her surgery didn't go as smoothly as hoped for. There have been more surgeries and longer rehab sessions since then. But the music has never stopped. She has been limited in her activity because of a leg brace (which comes off soon) but she has kept her ukulele by her side.

I know she is feeling better because she picked up the phone and called some of our ukulele band members to come for an impromptu music session. It wasn't on the center's activity calendar, but quite a few residents were happy to roll into the dining area to listen. Before we were done, the nurses and staff were dancing in the hallway.

So I sat there for about an hour with musicians on my right, musicians on my left and a large group of residents in front of us, toes tapping, fingers waving as they listened.  It was cold and rainy on the outside, but it was all sunshine and smiles on the inside. What a happy way to spend a dreary afternoon!

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  1. This impromptu concert sounds like just the thing to chase away the winter doldrums.


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