Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Almost Not Cooking #2

Here is another "almost not cooking" post. Maybe on the holiday weekend coming up, you'd like to do fun things and not stay in the kitchen. I made this last week on a night that I didn't feel like cooking.

I saw this "recipe"—it's really more like assembly directions—recently on an Instagram post from Euna Mae's. That's a kitchen/gift shop in Arkansas. A recipe that is in an Instagram post is going to be pretty simple because those posts are never very long.

I bought a fresh salad from the grocery store. This store makes fresh salads daily in-store. Of course, you could use a bag of salad or...hold on...you could cut your own greens! The genius of this salad is that you use purchased chicken tenders. I got mine from the grocery store deli.

I'll give you the basics of the "recipe" but of course, you can leave out or add anything, based on your likes or what is on hand. I am not a fan of olives listed in the Instagram post, but we still have green peppers in our garden. So I made that swap. Very sadly, I was out of bacon. That would have been wonderful. We love blue cheese but I used cheddar cheese because that's what was here. All of those changes, and it was still good. If you want a healthier version, of course you can use grilled tenders.


Put cut up romaine lettuce on your plates.
Layer vegetables, such as, halved grape tomatoes, sliced green onions, diced cucumber, avocado, etc.
Top with crumbled blue cheese, crumbled crisp bacon and croutons.
Pile chopped chicken tenders on top and drizzle with dressing.

Blue Cheese Ranch Dressing: Mix half & half, bottled Ranch dressing and bottled blue cheese dressing. (If you have one of the milder blue cheese dressings, you might want to go with 1/3 ranch and 2/3 blue cheese.)

I went crazy with the whole "not cooking" thing and bought a box of 5-cheese Texas toast from the freezer section. This was a great supper on a hot summer night.

If you are interested in following Euna Mae's on Instagram (she has had other recipes that sound good, too) search for "eunamaes" and should you ever find yourself in Springdale, Arkansas, stop by there. It's a cute store. You can also check out her blog. I just added it to the blog list on the side bar.

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