Saturday, November 7, 2015

Baby Blanket In Progress

I was so close to getting this done on time. I am glad this is for a close family friend. Mommy's best friend for many years. Middle school, high school, and they've managed to stay in touch although they have both moved several times. I'm glad because she will understand. I wouldn't give a half-done blanket (two-thirds, actually) to just anyone.

This mommy-to-be will know that I trust her enough to appreciate my unfinished work. The blanket will be done before the baby arrives. I just couldn't get it done in time for the baby shower. 

So, how do you give a work-in-progress?  First, make sure it's securely on the needles. I own some of the rubber tips made for knitting needles to hold the work on the needles. But they are clunky looking. And they fall off with a little nudging. My (better) solution is to wrap 2 or 3 tiny rubber bands around the tips. These bands will be enough to keep the yarn from slipping off the needle tips. And I won't worry about the bands themselves coming off.

I also added a  quick rhyme to the package. Bless these parents for choosing the name Jack! This would have been much harder if they were going to call him something like Oliver. Or, Lawrence.

I tried really hard to get it all done,

But for weeks and weeks, I’ve been on the run.

I’ll finish it soon and send it right back.

You’ll have it in time to wrap sweet little Jack

When I was ready to wrap the box, I had a couple of rolls of baby gift wrap. At least, I thought I did. Both rolls only had a tiny bit of paper left. I learned years and years ago to keep a good supply of plain white gift wrap on hand. It works for babies, weddings, birthdays--anything.

And I love using real ribbon for a bow. It's really much easier to tie a single bow than to fiddle with yards and yards of curling ribbon. And it's cheaper than big stick-on bows. A roll of this cute wide polka dot ribbon cost $3.99. (I found it at Walmart.) Of course, it depends on the size of the box, but I should get 3 or 4 bows from one roll.  I don't want to spend too much on the wrapping, but I do want it to look like I care!

We are on the way in minutes to the baby shower. Then this afternoon, I'll be back home with the blanket and will settle in to knit a few more inches. If Jack arrives when he is supposed to, the blanket will be ready and waiting for him.


  1. The blanket is looking good! It's going to be wonderful.

    1. The good thing about a blanket is that it can be used for years. Hats and sweaters are so much quicker to make, but they are outgrown quickly, too.

  2. I like the idea of giving a work in progress! Your hand made gift was surely a hit with the mom-to-be. I love your creativity with both the gift and the poem.

    1. Barb, you do what you have to do. It was a bit silly to buy ANOTHER gift just for the shower--but I did think about it. Then, common sense took over. A blanket that is taking a few weeks to knit is a pretty good gift. Even if it's not quite done!

  3. Quick question. How many skeins did it take of the Berroco comfort?


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