Monday, November 16, 2015

Back Down The Mountain

I had the opportunity and the privilege this past weekend to spend three days in the North Carolina mountains with women from across the South at the Carolina Fiber Frolic. It is a weekend retreat—a retreat from everyday cares and responsibilities. This particular retreat offered no classes. But I still learned much, coming home with many notes jotted down in my small notebook.

There were accomplished knitters and spinners of yarn. There were discussions of sheep breeds and knitting patterns. "What did you say the name of that pattern was?" "And there is a difference between UK fleeces and American fleeces?" There was laughter and conversation. "Oh, you don't live very far from me!" "OH NO!!! That really didn't happen, did it?!?"

There was lots of knitting—there was always knitting—on socks, sweaters, shawls and blankets. But the goal was not to come home with a finished project but to come home with new friends. And to come home rested and relaxed.

There were old friends I had met at other knitting retreats. And new friends waiting to be made. How wonderful to spend time together. Thanks to Instagram and text messages and email and Ravelry, it is easy to stay in touch.

Our meals were provided and so many times I heard someone say, "Isn't it wonderful to have a little time away from cooking, from laundry, from all the chores we'd be doing if we were at home?" There was plenty of time to sit by a fire (there was more than one fireplace) and just BE.

This morning, I AM back at home—with the laundry and cleaning and cooking all waiting for me. But I am back, refreshed in body and refreshed in spirit.


goodnightgram said...

Sounds wonderful to me! Such nice looking socks. I love yarn/knit language!

Barb said...

This little knitting retreat sounds wonderful and in a beautiful place, too.

Mimi said...

Barb, I wish I had made photos of the area. It was beautiful. Our southern mountains aren't like yours. Still no snow. They were working on the small ski slope and chair lift while we were there. Not sure when skiing starts.

Mimi said...

It does have it's own language, doesn't it? Breakfast included "outsiders." We could tell who belonged to our group because everyone wore hand knits. It was like a badge!

goodnightgram said...

You mentioned a 'badge.' It reminded me of something. Were you ever on a knitting listserv years ago and knit yourself a tiny blue sock to wear as a 'badge' of recognition at knitting get-togethers? I still have mine.

Mimi said...

No. But that's a fun idea.