Friday, November 6, 2015

LIttle Sister Shares

This morning I remembered to give Daddy-O the nickle that Little Sister sent back with me this week. I drove down for a couple of days to babysit Baby Girl while Mommy and Little Sister went on a preschool field trip. There was a doctor visit in there, too, where an extra set of hands was helpful. I was glad to oblige.

But before I left to come home, Little Sister gave me a nickle. She told me, "Give this to Daddy-O. He shares his money with me. I want to share mine with him." She is the most generous, caring, joyful little person you can imagine.

And she is learning more about the world around her. As we drove toward the bank while doing errands one day, she told Mommy, "You know you can't use your 'surance card at the bank." Just a helpful reminder in case Mommy had forgotten that. With all of the doctor/hospital talk that has gone on lately, she knows a little about insurance cards now. At least she knows you can't use one at the bank!

We went to lunch on my last day there. On the way home she asked her mom if she had to take a nap. And then announced that she wasn't napping—she said, "I have math homework. And I have to do scientist, too. I have to do an experience." She is in preschool, but her big sister is doing "science experiments" in high school this year. Little girl doesn't miss much.

While I was there, I cooked supper.  Chicken Bog—Big Sister's favorite. Sloppy Joes—Baby Girl's favorite. And I drove the big girls to school to let Mommy get a little extra sleep. (Some of the best conversations with grandchildren happen in the car.) I am so happy to be near enough to do this now. That's what grandmothers are for.


  1. What a great post. Love the "science experience!" And the shared nickel is very touching.

    1. I love listening to her talk right now. (And believe me, she talks!) She is so close to being right. It is fun to hear her twist on the correct words.


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