Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Promise Of Spring

One of the first signs of spring around the farm is when the cows ignore 
the hay rolled out for them to enjoy grazing on the green grass.


The daffodils in the pasture are like the advance guard
of spring, announcing, "It's coming! It's almost here!"
They have already come and gone.

So I looked around our house to find other signs of spring.


Even the weeds are in their glory. 
(Am I the only one to appreciates the blooms on weeds?) 


The camellias are loaded with blooms.

Lenten roses are blooming in the front yard.

I love winter. I love cloudy rainy days. I love sitting in front of a fire with a cup of tea and a good book. I love days cold enough to wear my hand knits. But this promise, this tease of spring, this glorious sun we've had for a couple of days reminds me that I like spring, too.


  1. Count me in for appreciating the blooms on weeds. Remember all my thistle posts in the summer? And the yellow of dandelions is so bright! But . . . I have never heard of a Lenten rose until just now as I read your post. How appropriate they bloom somewhere during Lent, because it wouldn't work here. Thanks for sharing your look into spring.

    1. The "real" name for lenten roses is Hellebore. But around here lenten rose is the common name. I am such a non-gardener that I would be better off to cultivate the blooming weeds--morning glories, bachelor buttons, Queen Anne's lace. All of those are kind of impossible to kill. That's more my speed.

    2. Lenten Roses blooming here along with periwinkle but the spring buds are just full of green shoots but no buds yet. Love looking for Spring.

  2. I loved seeing all your blooms. The only "wildflower" I don't like in my yard is the dandelion which quickly takes over!

    1. Oh, but making a wish and blowing the fluff away is so much fun!


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