Friday, March 11, 2016

Mimi Makes A Visit

Just got home from a few days with the grandchildren. We had such fun. One of the best days was when we went to the playground. I don't take my computer when I go. Not even the iPad. But I do love to snap a few photos with my phone.

 What a gorgeous day to run and climb and slide and race around.

Mommy never goes to lunch when she is alone with the littles. Too hard when one needs a trip to the potty. Too hard when you are juggling a couple of food trays. So when I am there, Little Sister's first words at preschool pick up are, "Where are we going for lunch today?"  I look forward to a trip to this local eatery, too.

Knitting at their house needs to be super simple and it's done early in the morning when the house is quiet. (I can't imagine a visit with no knitting.)  Grandmother's Favorite is my pattern of choice for simple knitting. It's appropriately named, too. And someone always needs a new dishcloth. Every time Baby Girl sees me knitting, she asks, "What doing, Mimi? What doing?" Maybe next time she know what to call it.

One of my "Mimi duties" is getting the bigger girls to school in the morning so that Mommy gets a little break. Finding shoes. Brushing hair. Packing lunch. Leaving on time. Listening to "Old Bell Cow" one hundred times on the drive to the high school, then on to the long line at preschool.

Since I was there last, Baby Girl has become a reader. I read and read and read to her. And every now and then, she read to me. Good times. Precious moments.

Little Sister is the first one to head to bed. Her bedtime routine when I am there? She likes to crawl into bed with me for her bedtime story. (Chrysanthamum was my favorite book this time.) After the story, she tucks me in and turns out the light and heads to her bed. After Little Sister gets settled down, I sneak downstairs for a later night visit with the other two.

When the sun came up this morning,  I was home in my own bed. It's awfully quiet here.


Granny J said...

You sure are enjoying having the grands closer than they were. So happy for you. They are really growing fast.

Mimi said...

Yep. Freeing up my schedule to have time for them was a good thing.

goodnightgram said...

Never too young to start reading! I miss the playgrounds most of all, I think. I loved watching GN play. Welcome home!

Judy Wright said...

I'm going to try one of those Grandmother's dishcloths. Thanks for the link

Mimi said...

It is a classic pattern. That's what I use in my kitchen. And they make great gifts. It's a good project to work on at doctor office waiting rooms (I have been known to give one to someone also waiting if they admired it) and car trips. My theory is that IF you make a mistake, it will still wash the dishes!

Mimi said...

That was the best playground! We are all readers in this family. Glad this little one has joined us in loving books.

Barb said...

Good times and sweet memories. They grow up so fast. We're lucky we live close enough to spend quality time with them.

Mimi said...

You are lucky. They lived 1000 miles away until last summer. Now it's a 3-hour drive to visit. Not so bad!