Friday, April 15, 2016

Grilled Chicken w/Roasted Tomatoes & Onions

Mommy made this dish a couple of weeks ago when I was at their house. It was so good that we gobbled it down before I even thought to make pictures so that I could share the recipe. So when she brought the little girls here to the farm for spring break, I asked her to make it again for our dinner one night.

The recipe is adapted from one she found on I was able to find herbs de Provence at my local small town grocery store. That actually surprised me. But I think that means you should find it, too, without much problem if you don't already have it in your pantry. This small store also surprised me again by having "cherry tomato medley"--which is a mix of red, orange and yellow tomatoes. No difference in taste, but it's pretty when you serve it.


2 cups halved cherry tomatoes
1 medium onion, sliced (we used white onions one time & red onions the next)
4 large garlic cloves
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 teaspoon herbs de Provence
salt & pepper, to taste
olive oil for coating pan
about 4 thinly sliced boneless, skinless chicken breasts or chicken cutlets (we had 5)
2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil

Combine tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, herbs de Provence and salt & pepper in a medium bowl. Stir to coat veggies. Spread onto a lightly oiled sheet pan. Roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, or until tomatoes have softened and onion is a little brown.

Meanwhile, season both sides of chicken with salt & pepper. Cook in oiled grill pan or skillet over medium-high heat until done. (We cooked ours on the outside grill.)

To serve, spoon vegetables over cooked chicken. Garnish with fresh basil.

Serves 4   

When Mommy made it the first time, she bought chicken cutlets. At my store, it was packaged as "thinly sliced chicken breasts." You can also use regular boneless, skinless breasts and split them yourself. Cut them in half horizontally. Use a sharp knife and be careful!

Are you cooking for people with special diet requirements? This recipe works with the gluten-free diet, the low-carb diet, the no-red meat diet and the low-calorie diet. If you are counting points, you can find the Weight Watcher stats on the Skinny Taste original recipe. I have friends who are vegetarian and vegan, too. I'd have to ask them, but I'm thinking maybe the garlicky tomato/onion part of this could be spooned over a baked potato. But the main reason to make this? It's delicious!


  1. So colorful! Looks yummy and sounds easily prepared. This is just the type of dinner we prefer.

    1. This was really a good one. Easy to divide in half for two.


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