Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What Day Is It Anyway?

I woke up in my own bed here at the farm this morning. In my own quiet house. (A little too quiet, frankly. I miss those little voices.) I have zipped up and down the highway so much lately that I had to think hard when I first opened my eyes this morning to remember what day it was and which state I was in.

For us, the Easter trip to visit the family ran straight into the knitting retreat which was followed immediately by having the littles here for spring break. And on the last day of their spring break visit, Mommy and J-Daddy found out they had a spur-of-the-moment chance to go to the final day of the Masters...

...IF they could arrange last minute child care. This was likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them, so I was happy to oblige. I still had the suitcase out from the knitting retreat. And I had knitting still packed for traveling. So I was ready in a jiffy to head back down the road, just hours after they left the farm.

Knitting at Mommy's house mostly happens very early in the mornings when it's only me and Miss Bunny awake, but I need to knit. That's my time of day to get my thoughts together before the mad rush starts.

(These little hands have an uncanny ability to find my knitting even when I think I've put it out of her reach. Knitting in the land of the littles can be tricky. Now you see why I choose Miss Bunny as my knitting companion.)

My grandmother duties when I am at Mommy's include school drop-off in the mornings at the high school and the preschool, and then back home to get Baby Girl up. This particular morning, she was awake but was not interested in getting out of bed. Playing with the "ahk" and all of the animal pairs was too much fun. Mommy has few opportunities to sleep a little later, so I'm happy to do this for her. And car conversation with the bigger girls and a little extra time with this little one is a treat for me.

There was another visitor in the house this trip, too. Walker is the classroom teddy bear. He rotates visits with Little Sister's classmates and it was time for him to visit with Little Sister again. "Nice to meet you, Walker!" It was Walker's idea for Little Sister to drizzle honey on her bagel before adding the cream cheese. Really, Mommy—that was all Walker. Not me.
So after all this rushing about, I have declared today a "slow day." If all goes according to plan, I won't get in my car for a whole day!


  1. Happy 'Slow Day'! That little face of the wee one holding your blue yarn . . . a happy bundle of life! What fun to go to the Masters!! Hope they had a wonderful time. An amateur golfer from Minnesota, Sammy Schmitz, was one of six amateurs to get invited to play at Augusta.

    1. My "slow day" didn't turn out quite as slow as I had hoped. But a good night's sleep helped me catch up. They did have a wonderful time at the Masters. It's a beautiful place (according to what I see on TV) and a beautiful time of year.


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