Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break Visitors

Mommy brought the littles to the farm for a few days of their spring break. Say the words "spring break" and most people think of college students on beaches. But for spring break here, we had preschoolers in the creek. The weather was unexpectedly cool here, so hats and jackets were required.

 Daddy-O is a great playmate.

We have plenty of paved spaced for things with wheels.

 And plenty of people to pull the wagon.

 Daddy-O took us all on a bumpy jeep ride through the pasture.

A bumpy ride to the creek.

 Finally it's her turn to walk in the creek.
It's a rite of passage for everyone in this family. 

 These little ones are fifth generation creek walkers.

A real farm adventure.

Time to head back.

Back though the gate. 
Back past the barn.

Back past the tractors.

Pour the creek water out of the boots.

Spring break success.


  1. Oh, this just tugged at my heart! Legacies don't have to be 'things' we pass on. Memories like you have made are so wonderful. Fifth generation creek walkers! That's a very special heritage. Enjoy!

    1. This farm has been in Daddy-O's family for 100 years. It's a special place.

  2. What great experiences for your grands!

  3. What a wonderful spring break. My grands would love it, too! Water is ever-popular! Loved the "big kids" riding in the wagon. Bob and I are in Vail. He has eye surgery tomorrow.

    1. We had expected warm weather and barefoot wading. Glad they brought boots!

      And the "big kids" enjoyed the wagon rides, too. :-)

  4. I loved this post! I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time in August and smiled the whole way through the post with visions of grandmotherhood that resembled your photos!!

    1. Oh, Judy, I am excited for you! Your little one will think you are magic.


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