Monday, March 27, 2017

Freezer Stash

We knitters talk a lot about "stash." That is yarn which is stockpiled for later use. Some knitters have a stash large enough to stock a yarn shop. Other knitters only keep yarn for a couple of upcoming projects on hand. And I supposed somewhere there must be a knitter who has no stash yarn.

This morning as I was taking a few minutes in the early morning to make a weekly to-do list, a grocery list and an outline of weekly menus (I don't always do this, but it's a busy week) I went to the freezer to pull out chili & beans for tonight's supper. I'm thinking taco salad for tonight.

A month ago, this top shelf in my freezer was nearly empty. For about three weeks, I've cooked and then frozen part of what I cooked. There are only two of us here, so most recipes can feed us for for two or three meals.

If you are like me and love having a freezer stash on hand, be sure to take time to take stock every now and then of what's frozen. It's really easy to forget what's there and what needs to be used. Today I did find one small pack of taco meat that's headed for the trash. It was down in the bottom of the plastic bin and got overlooked. It had been there a l-o-n-g time.

You've done all the work of stocking your freezer. Now don't forget to use it. The freezer stash won't last as long as the yarn stash! Frozen food does have an expiration date. It's a busy week here at the farm, so I think I'll be using my freezer stash this week. And when I'm away next week, Daddy-O will not starve.

What is in my freezer right now? 

Taco Meat (a new batch)
Teriyaki Chicken (recipe coming soon)
Chili & Beans


  1. I just did the freezer check a week ago. Must be that time for checking what's at the ready. Here's my you think of those meals as leftovers? I don't Just curious. I know know some folks won't have anything to do with leftovers. The Chicken Pie recipe looks good. I just roasted a chicken and I just got fresh farm eggs from a colleague. I might have to try the recipe.

    1. In my house, these do not count as leftovers! When I freeze it soon after cooking, I don't think it has the taste of food that has been kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days. We eat those leftovers, too, but the freezer meals taste better. I know some who do not love cooked food from the freezer. I think it's all about your expectations. We are all different. But any way you look at it, my own freezer meals are better than bought freezer meals!

      For the chicken pie, I'll divide that recipe between two square pans. Bake both at the same time, but take one out just before the crust browns. Wrap and freeze. To bake, take it out of the freezer the night before. Bake as usual, adding extra time for the crust to brown and the center to get hot. A casserole should be 165 degrees in the center.

  2. I have found your blog from the Curious Handmad podcast and I am having a great time reading about your knitting and freezer stash.. great blog.

    1. Hi, Juliann! Welcome. Please take note of the recipe index on one of the top tabs. Hope you find a few recipes that fit into your cooking style. I use this blog as my "online recipe box"--just exactly like the brown plastic recipe box I used for years. This online version is great when I'm grocery shopping. Easy to check ingredients while I'm in the store. Hope you'll stop by again.


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