Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kitchen Help

When her farm work was done yesterday, 
Baby Sister came to the kitchen to help Mimi with supper.
While Mimi was busy at the stove, Baby Sister was busy with her own work.

She stirred and stirred.

And then she discovered that the bowl and spoon also made pretty good music.

Stacking was part of the play, too. 
The den floor was full of toys but she had much more fun with the non-toys in the kitchen.

It will be interesting years from now to see what Baby Sister remembers from spending time at the farm. And what things she learned here will be lasting. I remember setting the table at my grandmother's house many times. She had a set of dishes where each place setting was a different color. I spent much time deciding whether to make each place setting one color or mix them up for a fun table. She always let me do it how I wanted to. I still love to set the table. A lesson I learned from MY grandmother.

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  1. Granddaughter / Mimi time is precious indeed :)


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